Design Verification

Paint Consumption Calculator

“Welcome to the Paint Consumption Calculator! This handy tool helps you estimate the amount of paint required for painting any structure after assembly. This calculator takes into account various factors such as surface area, dry film thickness, volume solids in paints, and more. Simply enter the necessary information in the form provided, including the surface … View more

The calculation for the strength of Bolts and its Thread under Load

Bolts are used extensively in construction, machinery, and a wide range of other applications where strong and reliable fasteners are essential. However, bolts can fail under load, and this can have serious consequences in terms of safety, reliability, and cost. One common cause of bolt failure is overloading. When a bolt is subjected to a … View more

Design calculation of Solar panel mounting structure for wind load

We all have seen the mounting of solar panels in a structure. During the design, the loading and failure conditions must be identified so that they can be designed to sustain all the loads during their service life. In general, a structure is designed for various loading conditions like Seismic load, Load of self-weight, wind … View more

Design calculation for load-carrying capacity of a Steel NAIL

We all have seen or used NAIL in our day-to-day life. Technically it comes under the category of a Fastener and is generally used for the following purposes: Let us calculate the load-carrying capacity of a NAIL considering it is used for hanging household objects. Before proceeding, let’s analyze How can it fails. Here we … View more

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