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How Temperature Secretly Impacts Your Pressure Tests

Introduction Pressure tests are vital in many industries, ensuring that systems handling gases and liquids are safe and dependable. They’re like health check-ups for pressurized equipment like pipelines, tanks, and other important equipment under pressure, making sure everything is working as it should from the safety point of view. But, there’s a crucial factor that … View more

Screws: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Screw? A screw is a threaded fastener, generally characterized by a helical thread that wraps around a cylindrical shaft. Screws are often used to join two or more objects together by applying rotational force, typically through a screwdriver, wrench, or other similar tools. The primary purpose of a screw is to create … View more

Paint Consumption Calculator

“Welcome to the Paint Consumption Calculator! This handy tool helps you estimate the amount of paint required for painting any structure after assembly. This calculator takes into account various factors such as surface area, dry film thickness, volume solids in paints, and more. Simply enter the necessary information in the form provided, including the surface … View more

Pressure and Vacuum Test

Introduction Pressure and vacuum tests are essential testing procedures used to ensure the safety and reliability of pressure-containing systems in a variety of industries. These tests involve subjecting vessels, pipes, and other equipment to controlled increases or decrease in pressure to identify potential weaknesses, defects, or leaks that could cause a failure or other safety … View more

The calculation for the strength of Bolts and its Thread under Load

Bolts are used extensively in construction, machinery, and a wide range of other applications where strong and reliable fasteners are essential. However, bolts can fail under load, and this can have serious consequences in terms of safety, reliability, and cost. One common cause of bolt failure is overloading. When a bolt is subjected to a … View more

Chemical etching

Introduction Chemical etching is a process of selectively removing material from a metal or metal alloy surface by exposing it to a chemical solution. This process is commonly used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, microelectronics, Nameplates, and other high-precision metal parts. The chemical solution reacts with the metal surface to dissolve or corrode … View more

FEM analysis of a Chair

Chairs serve a wide range of purposes and are used in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, schools, restaurants, and public spaces. They provide a comfortable place to sit and support the weight of the person sitting in them. In homes, chairs are used for dining, relaxing, and entertaining. Dining chairs are typically designed … View more

Vacuum Tank

What is a Vacuum tank? A vacuum tank is a container or vessel that is designed to hold a vacuum or a space with a pressure significantly lower than atmospheric pressure. The vacuum can be used for a variety of purposes, such as removing air or other gases from the tank in order to create … View more

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